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Changing your skincare brand can seem overwhelming, which is why we've created this beautiful little discovery set, complete with a mini version of each Hibi skincare product. We want you to see just how effective our range of all-natural, high performance skincare is, and now you can.


Our Skincare Discovery Set contains:


Glow Facial Oil - our stunning bestseller, packed with powerful plant oils and extracts it is a highly effective moisturiser and skin conditioner, smoothing skin and leaving it glowing with health. The star ingredient, Bakuchiol, is a clinically proven, natural retinol alternative, working wonders on fine lines, pigmentation and environmental damage. 


Plump Hydrating Serum - made for to work deep in to your skin's layers, delivery a huge hit of hydration. Hyaluronic Acid, that wonder skincare ingredient, plumps your skin, smoothing the surface, reducing inflamation, dryness and fine lines. Works a treat underneath our Glow Facial Oil.


Exfoliating Facial Mask - Rose pink clay purifies skin and boosts collagen production, whilst strawberry, rosehip and coconut milk give you a huge boost of Vitamin C to tighten and brighten skin. As you remove the mask, ground walnut gently exfoliates. This incredible 3in1 product is your secret weapon against dull, rough skin.


All Over Balm - containing rich Kokum butter to improve elasticity, Argan Oil to deeply moisturise and sooth, and Rosehip c02 to help repair skin, our All Over Balm can be used as a decadent moisturiser, a lip balm, a dry skin saviour, and eczema soother and a facial cleanser. It's a must-have for your pocket or handbag!


Cleansing Face Bar - remove all traces of the day with the gentle, buttery-soft lather of this brilliant low waste cleanser, leaving you  with clean skin and no tightness. Our bar lasts a long time and comes with an organic cotton wash cloth.


Nourishing Body Oil - apply straight from the shower to wet skin, locking in moisture and conditioning your skin with beautiful plant oils, including Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Apricot and Almond. Essential oils of Vetiver, Geranium and Lemon leave an uplifting yet grounding scent on your happy, soft skin. 

Skincare Discovery Set

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